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The Edible Termites That Bite Your Tongue

December 18th, 2018

In the country of South Africa, many citizens have fallen ill from an infection known as listeriosis. Beginning in January of this year several children fell ill from listeriosis. As of March second, the amount of South Africans reported to be infected with listeriosis reached just under one thousand. Unfortunately, one hundred and eighty South…

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Why Are Eastern Subterranean Termites So Widely Distributed Within North America?

December 17th, 2018

There exists around 45 documented termite species inhabiting the United States. Most of these species are native to North America, but several non-native species have established an invasive presence within the US as well. Although the two most destructive termite species in the world, Formosan and Asian subterranean termites, have become established in the US,…

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Local Leaders Vow To Squash The Growing Rat Population In Washington DC

December 14th, 2018

Washington DC is known as a particularly rat infested city, and this problem is only getting worse, as pest control operators in DC are being overwhelmed with a record number of calls concerning rat infestations. Aside from the record number of rat-related calls to the city’s animal control service, there is plenty of evidence to…

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Why Does The United States Contain An Unusually High Number Of Invasive Termites?

December 12th, 2018

Within the last century, six non-native termites have established an invasive presence within the state of Florida. This makes the state of Florida home to the greatest number of invasive termites when compared to all other US states, followed closely by Hawaii with five invasive termite species established. The manner in which these non-native termites…

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How Can Termites Defend Against Ant Invasions?

December 11th, 2018

How Can Termites Defend Against Ant Invasions? Many people assume that termites and ants are mortal enemies. It may be true that ants and termites are not on the best of terms. And it is not at all uncommon for ants to kill termites. However, ants and termites are not necessarily engaged in an eternal…

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Worker Bees That Lay Eggs During A Queen’s Absence Are Lacking In Maternal Qualities

December 10th, 2018

Honey bees are among the most studied of all insect species. This makes sense considering the economic importance of honey bees. It is well known that honey bee colonies are ruled over by a queen bee who lays both fertilized and unfertilized eggs. The unfertilized eggs develop into male drones that are incapable of sexual…

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A Grey Fox That Bit A Young Boy Later Tested Positive For Rabies

December 7th, 2018

Grey foxes are abundant in most areas of the United States as well as southern Canada and Mexico. Grey foxes are often found inhabiting rocky canyons and ridges, but they are also prevalent within dry grassland regions and areas of open desert. Interestingly, the grey fox is the only member of the fox family that…

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Researchers Have Been Releasing Mosquitoes And Fleas Into Populated Environments For Sinister Purposes For Decades

December 5th, 2018

At this time last year, news surfaced concerning the Pentagon’s research into malaria-eradication methods. While this sounds like a humane ambition, critics suspect that this story is merely a cover for the government’s true intention of developing weaponized mosquitoes. Hopefully, the government is engineering mosquitoes to carry infectious disease for the purpose of disease-eradication, and…

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State Wildlife Officials Captured Photos Of A Two Foot Tall Squirrel

December 4th, 2018

Humans are no strangers to squirrels, as human and squirrel habitats largely overlap. This means that just about every American has spotted wild squirrels more times than can be counted. So, if anyone claimed to have spotted a two foot tall squirrel in the wild, any American would certainly dismiss such a claim as pure…

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