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How To Easily Determine If A Home’s Crawl Space Foundation Invites Subterranean Termites

February 28th, 2020

Crawl space homes are abundant in Georgia, and they remain popular for a variety of reasons. Crawl space homes allow plumbing and other utilities to be accessed with relative ease, and they can be inspected more thoroughly than basement and concrete slab homes. However, crawl space foundations trap moisture, and this is especially true in…

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Hot Weather Prompts Thief Ants To Invade Homes Where They Nest In Woodwork, Hide In Cracks In Wall Voids, And Consume And Contaminate Stored Pantry Food

February 20th, 2020

Solenopsis molesta, or the “thief ant,” is a common ant pest of homes throughout much of the US, but they are particularly abundant and troublesome in the southeastern states. As some insect enthusiasts may have already discovered by this species’ official name, thief ants belong to the same genus as fire ants. Unlike both invasive…

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Australian Cockroaches Are More Prevalent In Georgia Homes Than Many Residents Likely Realize, And They Are Associated With The Spread Of Disease, Food Contamination, And Allergic Conditions

February 13th, 2020

Periplaneta australasiae, better known as the Australian cockroach, is a globally distributed cockroach species that commonly invades homes where they can successfully reproduce, spread disease-causing microorganisms, infest pantries, contaminate stored foods, trigger allergic reactions, and damage wood, cardboard, paper and other materials. While Australian cockroaches are not as well known among the American public as…

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Do Termites Ever Resort To Cannibalism

February 10th, 2020

Cannibalism is a well known aspect of insect and arachnid life. Many insects are genetically geared towards cannibalism, while many others are just too lazy to find other sources of food. Cannibalism is not a bad idea for insects and spiders since nutrients are plentiful in members of the same species. The most well known…

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How To Recognize The Two Most Common And Economically Damaging Carpenter Bee Species In The Southeast

February 6th, 2020

The Xylocopa genus is comprised of around 500 documented bee species, including several species that are considered structural pests due to their destructive habit of carving out nesting galleries within structural wood, cosmetic wood, and other types of woodwork. Most bees in the Xylocopa genus excavate nests in both live and dead wood found in…

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