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September 30, 2016
?Researchers Recruit Wasps To Help Locate Spiders

American soil has been blessed with the first documented arrival of an exotic spider that researchers believed to be dwelling solely in Asian territories. The unique spider is called the “joro spider,” and so far it has been found only…

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bug busters
September 29, 2016
Another Pest Bites the Dust

It is difficult to perfectly articulate the immense joy and satisfaction one can experience after annihilating a particularly annoying insect pest. I know, it sounds kind of barbaric, but anyone who says they don’t enjoy swatting a fly into oblivion…

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bug busters
September 20, 2016
Could Zika Reach Alabama?

The FDA has recently advised blood centers in Miami-Dade County to discontinue their blood-drives out of fear of causing a further spread of the Zika virus. Naturally many residents in neighboring Alabama are concerned that the virus will spread to…

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