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bug busters
January 17, 2021
Where Do Bugs Go During The Winter

Just where do bugs go during the winter months? Some bugs migrate to warmer climates during the winter months; some hibernate, while others are learning to stick out the cold months thanks to global warming. Bugs have a variety of…

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bug busters
January 7, 2021
How Mice Are Evolving

Mice are evolving, and fast. It turns out that mice living in New York City are evolving to better adapt to their new environment. A team of scientists has captured several white-footed mice from parks in New York City to…

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bug busters
January 4, 2021
The Asian Subterranean Termite

As beautiful as Florida is, for some reason, it is also a huge draw for invasive species. This makes the state a great environment in which entomologists can study invasive species and what makes them attracted to a certain area.…

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