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Take Precautions Against a Variety of Pests This Winter

December 6th, 2019

Bug Busters USA shares information on common pests that invade homes during the colder months When Old Man Winter arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others move indoors in search of food and warmth away from the impending snowy weather. We encourage homeowners to brush up on some tips to protect their home from…

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Why Nobody Has Heard Of The Invasive Ant Pests That Nest Within Georgia Homes And Inflict Potentially Fatal Stings To Humans

October 17th, 2019

Brachyponera is an ant genus that comprises more than 20 documented species, most of which inhabit Africa, Asia and Australia, but one lone species can be found in the eastern United States where it has established an invasive habitat. This invasive species, Brachyponera chinensi, is native to Japan, and it was first discovered in the…

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