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June 14, 2016
So How do Insects Really See the World?

Is it true that some insects, such as flies, see the world like we humans see the world when we look through a kaleidoscope?  It turns out that this is a myth.  Insect vision is often depicted as “kaleidoscope vision”…

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June 13, 2016
Yet Another Disease Spread by Mosquitos

Those insatiable mosquitos have done it once again. They’ve added yet another disease to the growing list of illnesses they can infect us humans with when they choose to make a meal out of our sweet blood. In recent years…

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June 10, 2016
Insects Evolved Much Earlier than Previously Supposed

Now that humans have developed highly sophisticated supercomputers we are currently facing potential strides in human knowledge that go well beyond what intellectuals of all sorts had initially predicted.  For instance, we are now capable of using advanced computer programs…

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June 9, 2016
The Hissing Antlered Cockroach

The island of Madagascar is a terrifying place as this island rivals Australia as being home to the world's most terrifying and deadly animals.  One particularly nasty little creature has been given the understandable moniker of the Hissing Cockroach because,…

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June 6, 2016
Ants Don’t Tolerate Cheaters

In the human world, especially in this modern day and age, women and men who cheat on their partners are punished pretty severely. They are often ostracized from general society, stoned in the Arab world, physically hurt by scorned partners,…

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