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Spring Cleaning & Spring Pest-Proofing Go Hand-in-Hand

March 24th, 2021

While spring cleaning is a great time for homeowners to de-clutter and spruce up the home, this seasonal tradition is a doubly beneficial time to tidy up in order to prevent undesirable, springtime pests such as ants, termites, mice, and fruit flies. To help the public maintain pest-free homes this spring, the National Pest Management…

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Wildlife Control Experts

January 15th, 2021

Wildlife Control | Bug Busters USA It is not unusual for homeowners to find that a group of raccoons, skunks, possums or some other wild animal had gone through their garbage during the night. These wild animals take every precaution to make sure that they are not caught in the act, as they know that…

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Naked Mole Rats are…Interesting

December 30th, 2020

Naked mole rats are one of the weirdest mammalian species out there, even when you take out the fact that they are completely hairless. They have a very high pain tolerance, can survive 20 minutes without any oxygen, they do not age, and they are immune to cancer. As if that wasn’t enough to make…

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The 411 on Grey Squirrels

December 23rd, 2020

How Dangerous Is A Grey Squirrel Infestation? Have you ever heard something making noise in your attic at night? Well, you might just have a squirrel infestation, and as cute as they may seem to be, squirrels can be incredibly destructive pests. Exterminators get thousands of call-outs for squirrels every year, because they can cause…

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Tips To Make Sure Wildlife Stays in The Wild

December 9th, 2020

Tips To Make Sure Wildlife Stays in The Wild: Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens. Install a mesh cover or cap over chimneys. Cover exhaust fan openings, soffit and attic vents, and tops of window wells. Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and windows. Keep tree limbs…

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Common Mistakes Georgia Residents Make When Trying To Remove Nuisance Wildlife From Their Property

May 1st, 2019

Georgia’s hot and humid summers can leave residents feeling lethargic and drenched in sweat, but at least the winter season is usually free of snow, icy roads and frigid temperatures. Given Georgia’s relatively temperate fall and winter climate, the state is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts, but unfortunately, this also means that residents can…

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Why Is Georgia Home To The Largest Mosquito Populations In The US?

April 17th, 2019

While mosquito populations exist within all US states, including Alaska, everyone knows that mosquitoes are particularly abundant in the southeast US. Most Americans may feel inclined to assume that the US city with the highest mosquito population must be located within the state of Florida. While this is certainly a sensible guess, a recent study…

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Why Are Opossums Always Finding Their Way Into Urban Areas Of Georgia? How Far Can The Animals Travel In The State?

March 8th, 2019

Opossums do not get as much love as raccoons, probably because raccoons are commonly perceived as adorable, while opossums are commonly viewed as monstrous and ugly creatures. However, this is only the common perception among people living within the United States as a whole. When focusing on the public attitudes toward opossums within the state…

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A Mother In Georgia Shoots A Raccoon Dead After The Animal Attacked And Repeatedly Bit Her Son At The Family’s Home

March 7th, 2019

Several forms of wildlife are known for spreading rabies to humans and other animals. These animals include, raccoons, opossums and bats. Since raccoons have adapted to urban living, it is not uncommon for people to spot the animals running across roads, congregating below bridges and, of course, rustling through trash during the dark of night.…

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Georgia Woman’s Dogs Were Attacked By Coyotes During Their Daily Walk

March 1st, 2019

Each state within the United States has laws on the books concerning the proper treatment of nuisance wildlife. But states differ in which animals are categorized as being legally “protected”. Most states strictly regulate the trapping and killing of the most common nuisance pests, such as raccoons and opossums. However, in the state of Georgia,…

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